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a lesson from the unexpected February 15, 2013

Posted by lumierre9 in inspiration, life lessons.
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トゥース! (toos!)

that’s a famous meme by Toshiaki Kasuga (春日俊彰), one of a popular comedian duo Audrey (オードリー). if you’re a japanese, or if you watch japanese tv shows a lot, i bet you know it. first time i knew about it was when junior high school students in an english summer camp i went to in 2010 taught me about that.

when i first searched about it in the internet, what i found was this stupid-looking guy with slicked-to-the-side hairstyle wearing pink vest and i didn’t really give much care about. time goes by and i got to see him again as a guest in a tv program called Sekai Bandzuke (世界番付) that i started to follow. the show is about country ranking of many categories, basically anything. then things went interesting where in the show, Kasuga got his own special part called 「オードリ春日の部族滞在記」(tribe stay diary of audrey kasuga). when he first explained about the program, it just sounded as something stupid as what he usually does, where he visited a tribe somewhere around the world with a mission to make people there wear his pink vest. but seeing several episodes of it changed my opinion about him.

someone who is famous for his stupid joke apparently has something that i think deserve a huge respect. seeing him getting into a very small isolated tribe, staying in places where i think is far from comfortable, learning a very different culture, and being able to blend in with all the people although only within a few days of stay, is really interesting. well, they must have made things so much easier for him to stay there, no language barriers with the existence of a translator, and who knows what happened off-the-camera. but there are at least two things that i respect from him in this program.


1. he went to places where there might be no other people wants to go

so far he went to three tribes, in africa, papua new guinea, and the phillipines (as far as i remember). and all of them are isolated, very far from civilization, and takes lots of time and efforts to reach. maybe only a glimpse of people ever heard about these tribes before. but he did it anyway.

somehow it also opened my mind more. in this modern era these kind of people still exist. people who don’t need electricity. people who can live without cellphone or internet. people who content with what they have although we might think that they have nothing. reminding myself again to be thankful of what i have. and it reminded me again about vision. i feel i’ve been living a very comfortable life, but if someday God wants me to go to places that i feel “not comfortable” would i be able to happily go?

2. he’s not afraid of any challenges

there are some customs or cultural things in the tribes he visited that modern people would think as crazy things, like going shark hunting without “proper” equipments, or getting honey from a bee nest naked. but he challenged everything. he was never seen afraid to try new things, he didn’t care if he will fail or not, he just did it so that he can be accepted by the tribe and can get them wear his pink vest. this is also a reminder for me who sometimes couldn’t get out from my comfort zone, couldn’t get that first step to try new things. in reaching out to people, in order to be accepted by them, most of the times i will need to try new things which can be a huge challenge. at that time, will i do it?

these things really encouraged me which i totally never expected i would get from someone like Kasuga.