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travel spot #2 – tokyo part 2: shibuya May 15, 2010

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i bet all of you ever saw a footage where hundreds (or even probably thousands) of people crossing the road at the same time…if you don’t know where it is, i’m telling you now, it’s in shibuya, i think it’s the most crowded part of tokyo…this intersection is said to be one of the busiest crossroad in the world…even there is a starbucks in the corner which is said to always have people lining up to grab some coffee there…

Shibuya Crossroad

another famous landmark in shibuya is the Hachiko dog statue…recently there was a movie about the story of this faithful dog starred by Richard Gere…if you haven’t watched it, find it in your nearby dvd rental store…this place often becomes a meeting point in shibuya…you will find a lot of people sitting and waiting (and also smoking >_<) around the statue…many people are also taking picture with it, especially foreigners…

Hachiko Statue

for you (girls) who likes shopping, probably shibuya is one of the most popular place to find good and fancy clothings…Shibuya 109 (read: ‘ichi-maru-kyu’) which is located near the shibuya station has become the symbol of fashion in shibuya…

Shibuya 109

well, shibuya is a nice place to hang out with friends, for shopping (not only clothes) because you can find a lot of things there, and for culinary also (although i’ve only been to a couple of restaurants there)…but if you don’t like crowded places, better not stay here for too long (i also don’t really like the crowds here)…


travel spot #1 – tokyo part 1: tokyo tower April 28, 2010

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i think everybody knows tokyo tower, at least has ever seen it from a picture on the internet or from a movie…it’s the famous landmark of tokyo city, so when you visit tokyo, you have to make sure at least you take picture in front of it 😀 when the weather is good, it’s recommended to go up to the observation deck and see tokyo city view from the top…there are two observation decks in tokyo tower, the first one is on 150m height and the entrance ticket costs 820 yen, and the second one is on 250m height with additional cost of 600 yen…well, many people i know say that it’s expensive to go up there, they say that it’s not worthy to spend that much of money just to see something like that…if you like to see the whole city view, capturing a beautiful scenery of tokyo, i think it’s still worth the price…however, if you’re one of those who think it’s expensive, you can try visiting shinjuku governmental office for free (i’ve never been there but wanna go there soon)

Tokyo Tower 2010

scenery of Tokyo at night

beside the observatory deck, in the bottom part of the tower, there are also aquarium gallery, wax museum, and guinness world records museum where you have to buy the ticket also for each places…however, if you want to visit all of them, it’s better to buy the special ticket package that includes all of them (it saves you around 500 yen)…additionally, they have some souvenir shops which have various kinds of souvenir for your friends or relatives…if you’re hungry you can try the food in the food court or restaurants that’s also available there…

to go there, there are several alternatives…the closest station is Akabanebashi station of Toei Oedo line…and you can also come from Kamiyacho station (Tokyo Metro Hibiya line), Onarimon sta. (Toei Mita line), Daimon sta. (Toei Asakusa), or Hamamatsu-cho sta. (JR Yamanote/Keihin Tohoku)…

for more information you can visit the official website of tokyo tower

traveler’s thoughts April 28, 2010

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from now on, i’m adding a new category to my blog, about traveling…since i came to japan, i started to travel a lot, tried to explore new places…and by sharing through this blog, i hope it will become like my travel journal, or my review about travel spots, and i hope it could be a useful information for all readers…