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i love my life! October 5, 2012

Posted by lumierre9 in chit-chat.

it’s been 6 months since i moved to osaka, and i want to thank God for every blessings He provides me. at first when i was looking for a job i wanted to stay in tokyo because i already feel comfortable with the life there. and when i got the job offer, i was kinda reluctant to move to osaka, but i took it anyway and gave it a try. until now, in some way i still like tokyo better than osaka, but i’m not regretting being here.

first i’m thankful of a great workplace. it has always been my plan to work in japan for several years and then go back to indonesia, so i was looking for a japanese company who will allow me to do that. but probably that was the main reason i didn’t pass the interview for other companies, i think. and this job is exactly like what i wanted, being in japan for 3 to 5 years (feel kinda short compared to what i thought though) and then transfered to indonesia.

before entering the company i was a bit worried about what kind of boss and colleagues i would have. and again i’m so thankful for getting into a good team. everyone is very kind, especially when i compare it with another new employee fellow in other team whom i saw a couple of times being scolded by his mentor (and i see that mentor’s unpleasant face quite often). and another good thing in my team is no one smokes, so it’s good for my lungs especially during nomikai where people usually smoke freely.

second i’m also thankful for a great community in church. Jesus Lifehouse Osaka is just awesome! i went to JLH Tokyo back then in tokyo. it was great but i feel that JLHO is even more lively and more fun. maybe because it’s still not so big, still in the growing phase compared to tokyo. i feel that i can get along with people here much easier. more than that, i get more challenges to grow. when i was in tokyo i chose to be not so active, but here i couldn’t do that because everyone is just pushing me to go to the next level all the time. it’s kinda tough but i know it’s good. after i felt stagnant of being in my comfort zone, it’s been a while since i feel this excited again.

well, this is just the start, but i believe things will get even more exciting from now on. i love my life! i love my God!



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