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my bucket list July 15, 2012

Posted by lumierre9 in chit-chat.

i stumbled upon this site that inspired me to write down my own bucket list, 101 things that i want to do, experience, and achieve before i die (or before the world ends :p).

1. near native fluency of japanese (can understand 90% of the content in a newspaper)
2. get at least 90% score of JLPT N1
3. fluent in chinese (passing at least HSK level 4)
4. fluent in korean (passing at least TOPIK level 4)
5. fluent in french (passing at least DELF B2)
6. learn (american?) sign language
7. learn to speak in british accent
8. learn to read thai characters
9. visit all prefectures in japan (by may 2014: 29/47)

10. visit all provinces in indonesia (by july 2012: 6/33)
11. visit ujung kulon national park
12. visit komodo national park
13. travel to europe
14. travel to US
15. travel to australia
16. travel to new zealand
17. set foot on each of the continents
18. travel to all ASEAN countries (indonesia, thailand, malaysia, singapore, phillipines, vietnam, burma, brunei, cambodia, laos)
19. visit the great wall
20. visit all disney park in the world
21. visit 50 unesco world heritage sites (by oct 2013: 12)
22. ride at least 10 record breaking roller coaster (by aug 2011: 4 – fujiyama, eejanaika, dodonpa, takabisha)
23. obtain a diving license (Jan 2, 2014: officially certified as PADI Open Water Diver)
24. scuba diving in raja ampat
25. try bungee jumping
26. try skydiving
27. take pictures of aurora / northern lights
28. take pictures of solar eclipse
29. go on a cruise vacation
30. fly in hot air balloon
31. design my own house
32. write a book
33. snowboarding
34. fly on a helicopter
35. take pictures from a helicopter
36. fly first class
37. swim with dolphins
38. whale watching
39. ride in a submarine
40. attend the olympic games
41. attend the world cup
42. attend an f1 game
43. attend a motogp game
44. try surfing in hawaii
45. start a movement/NPO for disabled people
46. meet nick vujicic in person
47. build a school
48. start my own business
49. become a CEO of a company
50. invest for my family’s business
51. create my own video game
52. become an apple developer
53. publish an iOS app
54. obtain a professional certification
55. own a canon L series lens
56. become a photo stock contributor
57. win a photography contest
58. own an underwater photography equipment
59. achieve my ideal weight (more than 65 kg)
60. participate in philatelic exhibition again
61. achieve at least vermeil medal in philatelic exhibition
62. achieve large gold medal in philatelic exhibition
63. watch a cirque du soleil show (aug 2014: watched OVO in Osaka)
64. do paintball games
65. be in a flashmob
66. go on a safari in africa
67. stay in an igloo
68. master free style swimming
69. take pictures of a perfect lightning bolt
70. eat fugu
71. eat kobe beef
72. collect a set of figures of all the main characters of one piece
73. go on a road trip
74. learn to fish
75. drive in a convertible with the top down
76. own a beach house
77. donate blood
78. get a free flight from collected flight miles (sept 2013: some of my collected miles is expiring and it’s enough to get a one way domestic flight ticket so i used it to go to kyushu this november)
79. stay in a tree house
80. ride a camel in desert
81. try gokart
82. watch a rocket launch, live
83. see a platypus
84. see a kangaroo crossing a street
85. attend the oktoberfest in germany
86. attend the brazilian carnival
87. attend the songkran festival in bangkok
88. solve rubik’s cube in less than 2 minutes
89. learn to make macarons
90. create a youtube video
91. ride on a ship from japan to korea
92. experience zero gravity
93. upgrade my DSLR to the one with video recording feature (or full-frame one) (sept 2013: got myself a second hand Kiss X5 to replace my Kiss X2)
94. create a compilation of timelapse video
95. swim in dead sea
96. learn to play guitar
97. try horseback riding
98. ride on trans-siberian railway
99. try shooting in a shooting range
100. ride on a limousine
101. ride on a dog sled



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