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Osaka train system July 6, 2012

Posted by lumierre9 in chit-chat.

it has been three months since i moved from tokyo to osaka. when people ask me which is better, tokyo or osaka, i still prefer tokyo. osaka is a nice place, but i feel that tokyo is more convenience, especially the train system.

1. train fare is more expensive
in average the train fare in osaka is more expensive than in tokyo. comparing the subway, we need to pay 200 yen even if we only travel within one station in osaka, while in tokyo it only costs 160 yen.

2. almost all the station don’t display the time of the next train
in tokyo we can see clearly what time the next train will come, so we know how long we should wait. while here, i can hardly find that. if i want to know that information, i have to search in the whole train schedule.

3. we can’t choose the ticket before inserting money
when i need to buy train tickets using the ticket machine, i used to choose the ticket type first and then it will display the amount of money i need to insert, but here i can’t do that. if i don’t insert any money, the ticket type won’t show up.

4. very long name of train line or station
i found it very annoying to see some train line and station names are very long. the subway line that i usually take to go to the city central is 長堀橋鶴見緑地 (nagahoribashitsurumiryokuchi). so difficult to remember. even i had some difficulties to pronounce it the first time. and some station names: 西中島南方 (nishinakajimaminamigata), 太子橋今市 (taishibashiimaichi), 天神橋筋六丁目 (tenjinbashisujirokuchome), or に四天王寺前夕陽ケ丘 (shitennojimaeyuuhigaoka). why don’t they just make it short and easy to remember. i don’t remember any line or station in tokyo that has long name like these.

5. the osaka subway doesn’t have any 回数券 (multiple tickets)
sometimes it’s better to buy multiple tickets to save your expense for train. usually there are several types of multiple tickets: normal multiple tickets which you can use anytime (11 tickets for the price of 10), off-rush-hour multiple tickets that can be used from 10am to 4pm (12 tickets), and weekend multiple tickets that can be used on weekend and holiday (14 tickets). generally i only go out on weekend so the weekend multiple tickets can be quite economical. i can get it in the train line closest from my place, but i can’t find it in the subway. they only have this “multiple ticket card” which only give 10% benefit (3000 yen for 3300 yen worth of card)

6. most people don’t sit squeezedly
i always see people here sit by leaving some space within each other that makes less people can sit, although when the train is quite crowded. as far as i remember, generally in tokyo, when the train is getting crowdy, people who are sitting will just squeeze up to let other people sit also.



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