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invest your time – In Time February 2, 2012

Posted by lumierre9 in chit-chat.

imagine a world where the real life begins at the age of 25 and technically you are given one year lifetime but you can obtain additional time if you work for it or if you come from a rich family. literally time is money and you do transactions with your time. but the more you spend, the shorter your life will be. the poor are struggling, working very hard to get every single minute to keep alive, while the rich become immortal with a huge amount of time they have.

now imagine if you are in that kind of world. if you are one of the poor, how will you use every single minute of your life? or if you are one the rich, will you keep all the time for yourself or will you share it with others?

even in this real world, we admit that time is valuable, which is why people can say that “time is money”. many people always wants to have more than 24 hours in a day. we think that if we have more time then we can do more things. but if we really had more time, would we really use it optimally? or would we just take it for granted, think that time is not that valuable anymore since we have too much of it?

as in the movie, there are always people who need “time”, they need us to give our time for them. it reminds me of someone said “if you want to invest something, invest your time on people, because it is eternal.” you may only give one minute of your time to help someone, but for that person that moment might be so precious that he/she won’t ever forget it.

take a moment for yourself, see on how you spend every single time of your life. are you keeping all of your time just for yourself just to do your stuffs? did you ever stop for a while from your busyness to see around you if there is someone is in need of time and give that small part of time that you have? did you ever have someone asking a bit of your time but you just said that you are too busy?

no matter how much work you have, how busy you are, i think you must’ve had at least some small amount of “free” time. try to invest that small part on people around you, your family, your friend. even if it’s just to send a short message, saying hi to people you haven’t met for some time, that small investment of yours might make their days better…



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