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basic protection from threatening virus for your computer February 4, 2011

Posted by lumierre9 in useful information.
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yesterday a friend asked me about how to recover her photos that were suddenly disappeared from her memory card…i suspected it was caused by some kind of virus, and it was later found that my suspicion happened to be true…before that i read an article about a new virus that was ridiculously made by a guy who was broken-hearted…and also a few weeks before my labmate said that her computer was infected by some viruses…

so here i just want to share a way to prevent your computer (windows) from getting infected by viruses that mostly spread through mass storage devices (usb flashdrive etc)…i used these steps and i’ve never get any viruses infiltrating my computer…

1. install antivirus software in your computer…you can find many good antivirus software out there, such as bitdefender, kaspersky, mcafee, norton, avg, etc…in my case, i used AVG antivirus free edition since it’s free and doesn’t use so much resources…as long as you update the virus definition frequently, it will be a decent protection for your system, although sometimes relying only antivirus software is not enough…

2. mostly the virus will exploit the autorun.inf in mass storage devices to spread in a system…when the device is on and the autorun is activated, the virus will be executed and start its invasion…to prevent this, you need turn off the autorun…you can do this by entering the windows registry…press Windows button+R or click Start > Run and type regedit…find “NoDriveTypeAutoRun” or “NoDriveAutoRun” and change the value into FF (Hex) or 255 (decimal)…this value will prevent the system to have autorun on any inserted device (including any cd with autorun)…
WARNING!! if you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t change any other things in the registry or you will damage your system!!

3. when you’re opening the device, it’s better not to open it from the main frame of windows explorer, but open it from folder tree on the left pane instead…sometimes if you open it from the main frame, it can also activate the autorun inside…

4. go to folder options in windows explorer and change the settings to show the extension of all your files and also to show any hidden files…it’s the easiest way to find out whether there’s any virus residing in your device or not…if it’s not caught by your antivirus software, enter your device with number 3, and see if there’s any suspicious files, and you can delete it if you’re sure that’s not your file…

well, basically that’s enough to protect my computer from most of the virus spread through mass storage devices…sorry if it’s not clear enough…i wish i could give a more detailed step-by-step way, but actually i don’t have much time right now, i hope i can update it some other time…i hope this information could be useful…



1. isa - February 4, 2011

nice post gan, sering ditanyain ama temen soal beginian karena comp science student, tapi gak pernah bisa jawab ;D wkwk jarang kena pirus 😛

2. extraordinaryperson - February 21, 2011

oh man….i always hate virus… nitramm from EF kaskus is here…. visit my blog too


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