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goals of 2011 January 12, 2011

Posted by lumierre9 in chit-chat.
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since the past few years i tried to decide my goals to begin the year with…however, in the end only a few were achieved…but here i am now, writing again my own goals for this year, but i hope this year could be better, i hope i can achieve more of my goals this year…i’m trying to write in a more detailed way with a quite measurable level of target so i can see how well i did by the end of the year…

1. it’s job hunting time for the current M1 students here in Japan, so it is for me as well since i’ve decided to work in Japan after i graduate next year (at least for several years)…so i wish i can get accepted in a good company (quite reputable one) with a good job (that i will really enjoy doing) with good working hours (reasonable overtime) and good salary (a lot to save)…
2. for my research, i want to have some significant result by the middle of the year and i can start writing some papers to submit to at least one international conference by that time…and i want my main research focus is done by the end of spring semester so in the autumn semester i can focus on writing my thesis and maybe developing a demo application for it…
3. improving my knowledge and skills by reading at least two books per month, either computer books or academic books, and making something out of it, real application or summary of the book (depending on the type of the book)
4. save more money per month, by reducing unnecessary expenses, and also try to have a part-time job starting next semester
5. improving my japanese skill by any means necessary…need more practice to improve my conversation skill at least…
6. want to try to become an iphone app developer and submit some apps (at least two?) to the app store…
7. want to improve my photography skill as well (and buy more decent lenses), and try to become a photo stock contributor
8. travel to more places around japan…after hokkaido, hope i can also go to kyushu, tohoku area, and okinawa…
9. use my time more effectively, reduce my idle-time, on work days at least 6 hours have to be used for academic purpose every day…
10. do sports or exercise more frequently…at least twice a week either swimming or training in the gym…

    i think these are enough for my main goals for this year…i have some more goals actually, but it’s rather personal so i don’t share it here… :p



    1. Michael - January 12, 2011

    this is one crazy long using-nearly-all-of-your-time-without-decent-rest list of aims! you should prioritize two or three points, IMHO.

    lumierre9 - January 12, 2011

    well, some points have higher priorities, i just didn’t mention about it…and i already made it as feasible as i can actually, i know my limit and i think it’s not that much…since i realized until now i have too much of idle time…

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