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be thankful of 2010 January 10, 2011

Posted by lumierre9 in chit-chat, life lessons.

looking back to 2010, i can only be thankful…i don’t say that everything went well throughout the year…ups and downs happened, but even so, i want to be thankful for everything…if i see the targets i made at the beginning of the year, perhaps only half of them are achieved…maybe i didn’t tried hard enough, but there’s no need to regret, it just means that i have to try harder this year…

it was quite a difficult year, economically in particular…i spent a lot of expenses during the year, some for my own enjoyment, traveling and stuffs, but mostly for unavoidable costs…it was started with a quite painful thing in the beginning of the year where i had to pay two hospital fee within a month for my stiff right elbow and for pulling out my wisdom teeth (read more here)…then traveling to korea and western part of japan…and mid-year suddenly my notebook died, so had to buy a new one…then i was moving in to a new apartment, had to buy furniture and all the stuffs i needed…it was also the time of me going back home while also traveling to singapore and malaysia…all these things made me spent almost all of my savings…but i can still be thankful that i can still enjoy my life, eat good food everyday, traveling around, buying stuffs i like…God is still providing my needs…

i started my master course on april under a new supervisor in a new lab…during the entrance exam preparation, it was kinda stressful since my research proposal was being rejected by this supervisor…but then my mom reminded me to keep praying for him, believe that there’s favor of God in me…so i did and in the next meeting after i fixed the proposal he approved it and only gave small revision…so thankful, also after seeing a labmate who’s having the same exam (but for doctoral course) but her proposal kept being rejected for several times…i tried to enjoy the life in the new lab, although i have to come every day (which i don’t really agree with), and also with this new supervisor whose thinking is difficult to understand sometimes…but again i’m thankful because he cares to the progress of his students so i got more motivation to do my research…

meeting new good friends at school and from the english summer camp i joined, getting new experiences, having companions with similar interests, seeing my families and friends again back home, are great things to be thankful of the year…

rough times also happened, but well, many things i can learn about from those things and i just wanna see the good sides of it…what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…so here i am, stronger than last year, and i want to face this new year with new strength, new hope, with a great God who never leave me alone…



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