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mac vs windows December 8, 2010

Posted by lumierre9 in chit-chat.
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after the death of my lenovo s10 i decided to buy a macbook pro, considering that it might be better for ‘investment’ and i had been wanting to have a mac, although it took almost all of my savings in my bank account…after several months using this MBP, i want to make some comparisons, things i like and dislike about mac compared to pc (windows)…however, this is just a naive viewpoint of a mac newbie, i haven’t explore it so much, so in some cases there might be some other viewpoints or solutions that can come up with what i mention here…

1. finder is a bit difficult to navigate compared to windows explorer…with windows explorer i can easily change to another folder from the folder tree, or go to parent folder with ‘up’ function…but i can’t do it that easily in finder
2. it’s troublesome to see through pictures we have…preview can only open one picture at once and i can’t browse other pictures in the same folder directly…i can do it in iPhoto, but it’s a bit troublesome that it only works for files in the library…same with iTunes i guess…
3. i tried to upgrade the perl in my mac, and it much more complicated than i thought…i messed up the system and in the end i reinstalled my snow leopard…
4. to have a simple c compiler (gcc), i have to install xcode which is more than 1GB!!
5. i thought iWork is good, but Office is still much better (haven’t tried Office for Mac though)
6. NTFS doesn’t work directly!! my external HD is NTFS format and i found that it becomes read-only in mac…i got some information that i need to install another software to make it works…
7. no cut function in finder…if i want to move some files, i need to copy them, paste in new locations, and go back to the previous location and delete the source files…too troublesome…
8. in selection form in the webpages, i can’t just use tab to navigate through them all and make my selection, because the tab button just works on the text field, so i need to use the mouse pointer to make selection…
9. when scrolling through different windows of firefox, i can use the alt-tab, but in mac, it only works to change between application, not between windows…

1. I love the trackpad!!for normal use, i don’t need mouse anymore…the trackpad is so convenient…
2. installing/uninstalling programs in mac aren’t as complicated as windows…mostly we can just copy the program file to the application folder and that’s it…no need to worry about the registry things…
3. the battery can stand for more than 6 hours in normal usage…while my previous s10 said that its 6 cell battery can last 6 hours and i found that it’s for very minimum usage (for normal usage only about 3 hours)
4. startup/booting time is way faster than windows
5. it’s very easy to make screenshot…just press the shortcut and the screenshot appears in my desktop, and i can also make screenshot of only certain area of the screen…
6. the microphone is great…i don’t need to speak closely to the microphone but the voice is very clear…
7. many people say that mac is much safer than windows, in terms of crashing and virus attack, etc…never got that much of virus problems in windows anyway…
8. no need for drivers or stuffs…i can print with my lab printer in the network without any efforts…my printer/scanner also works immediately after i plugged it in…
9. after i put my macbook into sleep, when i want to use it again it resume in just a second…

that’s all i can think right now…still getting used to mac, sometimes i feel windows is more convenient, but overall it’s cool…



1. isa - December 8, 2010

cons #1 : I use Column view, it’s better than windows explorer when you get used to it
cons #7 : You can just drag it 😀
cons #8 : not true, tabs work well with chrome, it’s only safari
cons #9 : I use Exposé to show all open windows

pros #5 : it’s also great to measure things!

lumierre9 - December 8, 2010

cons #1: in column view i still can’t go to another folder’s children directly
cons #7: then i have to open another finder window
cons #8: i use firefox, don’t really like chrome
cons #9: i’m used to using alt-tab/cmd-tab

isa - December 9, 2010
isa - December 9, 2010

ah, sorry I missed the word “another” ;D
well, true.
but I’m sure you’ll get used to all those 😀

2. isa - December 8, 2010

oh, I forgot to mention, cut function is still available for texts 😀

3. fafa - December 12, 2010

Whaaatttt??? “after the death of my lenovo s10”?
mine is lenovo s10 too…!! how old are yours???

lumierre9 - December 13, 2010

yeah…it was around 1 year and 3 months…well, the cause might be electric failure, because i always used the power adapter only instead of the battery and that time apparently someone made the electricity unstable…otherwise i suppose it could’ve still been alive…

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