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birthday reminder November 17, 2010

Posted by lumierre9 in chit-chat.
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a friend asked me once, why i hide my birthday on facebook…so i explained my reason…i don’t like seeing my wall flooded with birthday greetings from people who aren’t actually care…in daily life, we might not have chat, or even say hi to each other when we meet, but out of nothing they just greeting me birthday is kinda awkward for me…indeed it might feel good to have a lot of people ‘celebrating’ your birthday, but i feel that it gives much more impression when there are a number of people around you who actually remember your birthday without having facebook to remind them…

well, maybe it’s good to have a reminder…but i think that this automatic reminder by facebook makes people too careless in remembering something as important as their family’s birthdays, for example…back to the age where there weren’t any social network, people marked their family’s or friends’ birthdays on their calendar, or maybe put their own reminder in their cellphone…although they might not good at remembering things, at least it’s still something personal…but now, i doubt there are still many people doing it…people just tend to rely on facebook too much, trusting it to remind them of others’ birthdays…and if the birthday guy/girl hides it, they just never notice it if they don’t open their facebook that day or if they miss seeing any birthday greeting from their friends on the news feeds…one of my friend once said, “facebook is the best. i almost forgot my mom’s birthday but facebook saved me.”…it’s just one of the proof…

i admit sometimes facebook helps me to remember someone’s birthday, but i still remember my family’s and my close friends’ birthdays, and i also have my own reminder in my cellphone…i just don’t want this world become careless…how would you care about the world if you don’t actually care with those people around you??maybe like one of black eyed peas’ song, where is the love??

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