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めんどうくさい!! – Hotaru no Hikari October 8, 2010

Posted by lumierre9 in life lessons, movies, values of life.

Hotaru no Hikari is a love comedy drama about an office lady named Hotaru who turns into a super lazy beer-loving self-centered girl that found love after so long time living without ever thinking about those kind of romantic thing. She is too full of herself that she always goes home directly after work, never joins any party with her colleagues, changes into training clothes which are the most comfortable outfits for her, drinks beer and falls asleep on the floor. After her love experience, she realized that there’s a lot of things outside her world that she didn’t know.

one of Hotaru’s personalities that caught my attention is that she thinks that most things are troublesome (めんどうくさい) that makes her too lazy to do, although perhaps they are important. i feel that i have some part of that feeling in me. sometimes i just feel too lazy to do stuffs because i think it’s troublesome for me. i prefer to just slacking off, idling around, doing more fun things. that is my comfort zone. it’s always said that you need to get out of your comfort zone to grow. that’s absolutely true. I feel that i don’t get anything after i stay in my comfort zone for too long.

these days i tried to discipline myself more. it’s very hard to get out of this comfort zone, but i have to force myself into it, otherwise i will never achieve my target. i can dream, but if i stay within my comfort zone, if i think that things are めんどうくさい, the dream will never come true. we can only reach our big dream if and only if we fight for it, do everything we need to do (not doing what we feel like to do), change our way of thinking that it’s not めんどうくさい because it’s important to us. there are so many things we can learn when we use our time for more useful things rather than just idling around.

dream is just a daydream until you wake up
and fight for that dream



1. [Gm] - October 8, 2010

I love that show, and also the second series.

Another thing that I learnt from Hotaru is, despite that she always reluctant to do anything when she is at home on Ahomiya-mode (because, as you said, it’s too cumbersome for her), she always works very hard when she was at the office. She never gives up when everybody has already quit, and finally succeeds in achieving the goals.

So, it’s like a double-edges sword, really. A person with double – distinctively different – personality.

But, I guess everyone deserved an ahomiya-mode (a good rest and enjoying yourself with feeling of fulfillment) after working your ass off during the day :D.

lumierre9 - October 9, 2010

yep that’s absolutely true…it’s good that she can work hard in the office, that she never think that her job is めんどうくさい…i kinda wonder, how does she choose the troublesome and not troublesome things??because i think work should be troublesome enough…
and indeed everyone deserve their fun time…but still everything needs to be in balance, there are still things we need to do at home, like keeping the room tidy or cooking 😀

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