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3 Idiots – be excellent!! September 15, 2010

Posted by lumierre9 in movies, values of life.
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I’ve never had any interest in Indian movies, because there are too many dancing scenes and stuffs that I think are ridiculous (no offense for Indian movies lovers)…but I will still watch it if it is a really good movie…there was Slumdog Millionaire, an Academy Award winner movie, that was a big hit two years ago…and then I heard about “3 Idiots” that was shown in Indonesian cinemas several months ago (so far I can remember)…all my friends who watched it said that it’s very good…I just watched it yesterday, and indeed it’s a good movie, in spite of those dancing scenes that I kinda despise :p

the story is about three roommates in a famous engineering college in India, one is a genius and two are just ordinary students who always rank the last in every exam…they became very good friends, had fun together but also faced many problems…after 10 years being separated, they finally meet up again…

a quote that is very good from this movie:

Follow excellence, and success will chase you!

that’s absolutely true!! many people feel satisfied enough with just being average, as long as I’m safe it’s okay…well, I was like that (and even now sometimes I feel too comfortable with my condition that is just so-so) and I found it bringing a lot of regrets afterwards…we need to be excellent in everything we do if we want to succeed, even in simple things…I’ve heard a lot of stories from people who get promotions in their jobs, salary raise, win awards, because they excel in what they do…

I always want to be like that, I committed to be excellent in what I do, but in practice I admit it’s a very hard thing to do…the answer might be in my yesterday’s journal, trust in God fully…if we put our trust in our own efforts, it will bring failure, otherwise, blessings will come after us…so let’s put our trust in God and do our best, be excellent in everything we do!!



1. gadis tropis - September 15, 2010

i watched this movie because of my friend’s review on his blog. overall, it was nice movie, even though a little bit “lebay” for me 😀

as you said, recently there are some good indian movies, such as this movie and slumdog millionaire. How about “My Name is Khan”? Have you seen it? Its also good 😀

lumierre9 - September 15, 2010

hehehe…emang lebay sih…wakakaka…
havent seen it…how good is it??

2. Mad - September 17, 2010

Kalo 3 idiots dibilang lebay…. my name is khan = super hyper lebay (terutama endingnya) 😀

Mnurut saya 3 idiots cukup jauh dari stereotip kelebayan filem India… 😀

3. adyl - March 28, 2011

very inspiring movie..

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