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Where the Wild Things Are – first thing first May 17, 2010

Posted by lumierre9 in movies, values of life.
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a boy named Max ran away from his house after he felt that his mother didn’t care about him, and also his sister ignored him…he found a boat and sail away until he reached an island where the wild things are…Max convinced the wild things not to eat him and even he was made a king for them…but being a king is not easy task for Max, everything he did seems to be wrong…finally he decided to go back home…

actually i don’t find this movie very interesting, but people seems to like it seeing from the reviews on imdb…i also don’t really understand the plot of the movie until i read those…i can’t really say what i get from this movie, but perhaps i can reflect it with one of my experience that is kinda similar…

in the movie, Max’s mother was enjoying her time with her boyfriend and ignored Max when he wanted to play with her, she didn’t even make any food for Max but just gave him frozen corn instead…it was the peak point where Max couldn’t stand it anymore and ran away from home…compared to me, i have a friend and we used to be very close, we often hung out together, had a lot of fun, talked about a lot of things…but everything changed after she got a boyfriend…i feel being ignored like Max…

i was just thinking that a boyfriend or girlfriend can ruin someone’s relationship with other people that is actually important if he/she becomes the main focus of that someone…i believe such a thing happens a lot…that’s why in my country there’s a saying “when you’re with your boy/girlfriend, you will feel that the world belongs only to both of you, and other people are just renting the place”…

yeah it is good to spend some quality time with your boy/girlfriend, but it doesn’t mean that you can just ignore everyone/everything else…if so, i think it’s not a healthy relationship…everything that’s too much is not good…things have to be in balance…we will have loooooots of time only with our spouse after getting married, so why should we throw away the chance to make a lot of friends while we can…what’s good if you spend most of your free time with your boy/girlfriend and when you finally get married, you get bored after a year or two because you spend all day with him/her without any other friends…wouldn’t it be more beautiful if we can be happy with our boy/girlfriend but also can have fun with our friends and we can enjoy our time with our spouse after marriage better?



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