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travel spot #2 – tokyo part 2: shibuya May 15, 2010

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i bet all of you ever saw a footage where hundreds (or even probably thousands) of people crossing the road at the same time…if you don’t know where it is, i’m telling you now, it’s in shibuya, i think it’s the most crowded part of tokyo…this intersection is said to be one of the busiest crossroad in the world…even there is a starbucks in the corner which is said to always have people lining up to grab some coffee there…

Shibuya Crossroad

another famous landmark in shibuya is the Hachiko dog statue…recently there was a movie about the story of this faithful dog starred by Richard Gere…if you haven’t watched it, find it in your nearby dvd rental store…this place often becomes a meeting point in shibuya…you will find a lot of people sitting and waiting (and also smoking >_<) around the statue…many people are also taking picture with it, especially foreigners…

Hachiko Statue

for you (girls) who likes shopping, probably shibuya is one of the most popular place to find good and fancy clothings…Shibuya 109 (read: ‘ichi-maru-kyu’) which is located near the shibuya station has become the symbol of fashion in shibuya…

Shibuya 109

well, shibuya is a nice place to hang out with friends, for shopping (not only clothes) because you can find a lot of things there, and for culinary also (although i’ve only been to a couple of restaurants there)…but if you don’t like crowded places, better not stay here for too long (i also don’t really like the crowds here)…



1. Andora - May 16, 2010

a little bit correction – as far as I know, the 109 building is called to kyu, instead of ichi maru kyu..Shibuya was really a good place for Tokyo nightlife indeed.

lumierre9 - May 16, 2010

indeed the name was derived from to-kyu, but people know it as ichi-maru-kyu…perhaps to distinguish it from tokyu dept.store…

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