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something April 25, 2010

Posted by lumierre9 in chit-chat.

for so long i’ve had that something so precious to me, but it feels that never once it’s appreciated…being crushed once didn’t stop me from keeping it…little by little i tried to fix it, but in the end it was crushed into pieces again…i left the shards not wanting to touch it again…i can’t bear to see it crushed again…

i wandered around and found something else…i just saw it as something ordinary, but it turned out to be quite interesting, although it’s not exactly my favorite…but it’s still okay to keep it, i thought…

as i continued my journey, i found a piece of shard in my pocket and it reminds me of the thing i had before…deep inside i felt that i still want it, i can try to fix it again…but my mind said no, can’t you see it was crushed so bad twice already? do you want to see it crushed again? i tried to walk towards it, but it didn’t seem to get any closer…

i turned back to where i was, just throw the piece away and go on, i decided that i won’t touch it anymore…but after a while, i found some more shards that happened to be brought with me all along…again deep inside my feeling said, i know you like it so much and you want it better than what you have now…and again my mind argued, what if after you go back, leave what you have now, take a long journey to it, in the end you get it crushed again? can you stand it? and by that time you won’t be able to take this one again, and you won’t know when you will find another one…

i haven’t made any more step and i still don’t know which path won’t bring regret to me…



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