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トリビアの泉 (Fountain Trivia) February 28, 2010

Posted by lumierre9 in chit-chat.
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trivia: unimportant matters, details or information (oxford advanced learner’s dictionary)

today i saw a tv show in a japanese tv station titled トリビアの泉 (fountain trivia) that shows many kinds of trivial things…there are things like “one of crossing bridges of river thames in london shows something embarassing at certain times”, “japanese snacks that’s best to be eaten with rice is potato chips garlic flavor”, or “100 thousands of matches lit together could produce 1,98m height of fire”…maybe you can only find such a thing in japan…only japanese people are “unique” enough to think and do such a thing, especially these two that i mention below…

“in whole japan, there’s ONE family that’s similiar with Sazae-san family…plus one dog”
Sazae-san is the title of a famous family animation in Japan…the family consists of Sazae-san herself, her husband, her son, her little brother and little sister, her parents, and a pet cat…so in the show, they want to find a family in Japan that has similar family member in a house…they did a lot of research for several days, looking for informations in the internet, calling people, etc…at first they thought they have found one, but they found out that there’s no “Sazae-san’s little brother” in the family, there are 2 “sons” and the pet is not a cat but a turkey, so it’s out of qualification…after a lot more of research, finally they found out another family that is a match…they have the complete family member just like sazae-san, the “son” is only one and also a pet cat…but with an addition of a pet dog also…that’s why they add the additional statement in the trivia ^^

“a well trained SP can’t save someone in an elementary school dodge-ball game”
the show also receive some postcards from audiences that want to know the trivia about certain things…an audience wonder if SP (special police) as seen on cop movies that saves people from being shot is able to save someone in a dodge ball game…so they made an experiment, and for that they were hiring SP from United States…the funny thing is, the SPs act so professional, they handled it so seriously…they sent 4 of their best agents to Japan to have the experiment…in the match, they have to protect the school principle against elementary school dodge-ball team in 5 minutes…they failed in the first attempt…they asked for rematch with an excuse that they didn’t know the rule well before…but they failed again…finally it’s concluded that a well trained SP can’t save someone in an elementary school dodge-ball game…actually it’s very funny and interesting, but it’s hard to describe it here and there’s no video of it so i can’t show you ^^

it’s just unimaginable that japanese could think of things like this, even they dare to do “crazy” things like hiring special police from US just for trivial things like this…hahaha…



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