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Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs February 17, 2010

Posted by lumierre9 in movies, values of life.
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first time i heard of the title, the first thing came into my mind is “what’s that supposed to mean??a weird title for an animation movie” so i didn’t bother it, maybe it’s just another not-very-good movie…then several months later, a friend asked me whether i have this movie or not, and at first i didn’t remember about it and i just realized that it was that animation movie…so after that i downloaded it but didn’t watch it right away…i just watched it several days ago n just found out that it’s quite interesting, and now i understand what the title means…

the story is about a genius boy, Flint Lockwood who dreamt to be a famous scientist…since he was small, he likes science a lot and even tried to invent some things that other people always find useless ^^ he grew up into a still-infamous-with-useless-inventions scientist having his lab in his house backyard…one day he invented a water-into-food converter machine called Flint Lockwood Diatonic Super Mutating Dynamic Food Replicator or FLDSMDFR (he doesn’t pronounce it “ef-el-di-es-em-di-ef-ar” but “fldsmdfr”) that screwed up the whole city at first, got a very good acknowledgement then, but finally brought another big trouble…

as a human being, it’s natural to have a feeling of wanting for acknowledgement from others…we want to be respected by others and never want to be ignored…that’s why many people are working very very hard to achieve something in order to get that one thing called acknowledgement…i think it’s one of basic needs of human…

Flint was always being mocked by his friends, being called “nerd” because of his interest, and never being respected…only his mother that supported him fully, and thanks to that, Flint is encouraged to pursue his dream…when the whole city was angry at him because his machine screwed up the city, he began to feel unworthy, he think of himself as just a piece of junk with all junks he invented…when finally the city acknowledged him, and the mayor persuade him to ‘misuse’ his machine for the mayor’s own needs, and although his father had reminded him, he chose to listen to the mayor otherwise he will lose all the acknowledgement…the time he finally realized that it’s wrong, the trouble is already unavoidable…

three points here:

1. let’s try to appreciate other people…no matter how weird we think they are or what they do, try to give appreciation to them…we never know that it would mean a lot to them, it even could change their life…but it’s never bad to give good appreciation to someone…and there’s nothing to lose for us also, right??

2. try to appreciate ourselves first…maybe we did something wrong, and everything doesn’t seem to go well because of us…don’t be discouraged and start to have a thinking like “i’m so bad, i shouldn’t have been born”…but think of it as a lesson, a motivation for us to be better and better…if we can never appreciate ourselves, how can we expect others to appreciate us??

3. keep walking in the right track…don’t ever mind people around you who ignored you as long as you’re doing the right thing…acknowledgement from God is far more precious than acknowledgement from human…better not receive any acknowledgement from human rather than doing wrong things and missing God’s acknowledgement…



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