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Code Blue January 29, 2010

Posted by lumierre9 in movies, values of life.
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two days ago i finished watching dorama Code Blue 1st season (2nd season just started airing this month)…the main story is about Doctor Heli, emergency doctors who go to accident sites by helicopter to help the victims, and there are 4 interns who’re trying to be flight doctors…

this series reminded me of western tv series grey’s anatomy for its hospital settings, patients and operations things, only without love-love thing…and the characters are somewhat similar…the main character has a close family member who got a Alzheimer disease (Aizawa – Meredith), a character who’s study-a-holic (Shiraishi – Cristina), one who doesn’t have the charisma of a doctor (Fujikawa – George), and another one who’s kinda stylish among all (Hiyama – Izzie)…

almost every episode have something to be thought about because of the different cases, but overall, there are two main things that we can learn from:

1. wherever we are placed right now, let’s give our best on what we are doing…we may have some goal and sometimes the condition or our surroundings make us start to feel that it’s impossible, no way to reach it…when we start to feel down, always remember to get back up, at least do the best what we can do, don’t be stuck thinking too much about what the result will be…like Fujikawa when he was told to move to another hospital but he kept doing his job with all his best until finally he is trusted to ride the heli…

2. our own abilities are not enough to be successful…but we also need people around us that can lift us up, build our character, and make us a better person…the process may be uncomfortable, even could be hurting at times, but if we can respond to it in a right way, and get through it, we will become a stronger person…like what people says, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”…yeah, “clashes” with other people won’t kill us, but it will make us stronger instead…but the thing is, not every people could build us up, some even can destroy us…so we need to choose carefully who we’re gonna let to build us…right person in the right way will lift us higher and higher…



1. fakhria - January 31, 2010

Yess!! I absolutely agree!!
and Yamapi was very very very..cool….!!!!!!!

lumierre9 - January 31, 2010

no, i don’t agree about yamapi…:D:D:D

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