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japan hospital January 28, 2010

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last tuesday was my second experience going to a hospital in Japan…the first one was at the beginning of the year when my right elbow got inflammated and unmovable…i, accompanied by Mr.Bahar, went to the university health center, and they suggested that we go to 大脇 (Oowaki Hospital) in Okusawa, one station from Ookayama…

it’s not a big hospital, but it’s a quite good hospital…after i made the patient card, i need to wait around 15 minutes because when i arrived there it was their break time…then i was called into the doctor’s room, he checked what’s wrong, and then suggested me to have my elbow x-rayed, then i waited around 5 minutes to get x-rayed, and after that also around 5 minutes i think to be called back to the doctor…i was quite impressed because the x-ray photo was sent directly to the doctor’s PC, so it doesn’t need to be printed out…he checked the photo and he said that he didn’t really understand what’s wrong with my elbow, but for the time being, he gave some medications for the inflammation and see the progress for a week…after that, i waited to pay the bill…it costed me 2010 yen…

after that i bought the medicines in the pharmacy in front of the hospital…as a first-timer, i was asked to fill some questionnaires regarding medications…i was called after my medicines was ready, and i was explained about the meds, they also gave a printout of the explanation…the meds costed me 790 yen…

and last week, i felt hurt on my inner cheek, and i couldn’t eat well because of it…the next day it was still a bit hurt, and my ear felt kinda hurt too…i told my friend about it and she recommended me to check the symptoms here and after i found out that it may be an effect from the problem on my teeth, gum, or jaw…so i tried to analyze the wound on my inner cheek, and i thought the cause was my upper wisdom tooth that grew facing outside…

so i consulted with an indonesian friend in my dorm who’s studying dentistry, and also my dentist in indonesia, and the conclusion was i need to take out that tooth…so last tuesday i went to 東京医科歯科大学病院 (Tokyo Medical and Dental University Hospital) in Ochanomizu where my friend studies…she helped me with some of the administration there…

actually we knew already that we need to go to the dental surgery division, but because we didn’t have any references to any doctor there we must go to the general diagnosis first…there i was asked to fill a questionnaire about general health…after that i was called to have blood pressure check (mine was kinda weird, 148-85 as i remember)…then had another waiting until finally my turn for the diagnosis…fortunately the dentist can speak english quite well (we asked for english-speaking dentist) although actually i wasn’t so sure how to explain my problem in english…hehe…so, he refered me for the dental surgery which is located on 6th floor…so i went upstairs, waited for a while, got a queue number and waited again while filling another questionnaire, this time about dental surgery things…that time the queue number was 22 and my number was 35, so it took quite long…after waiting for about 20 minutes, there were two dentists who seemed to be looking for someone, i thought maybe they were looking for me, but they didn’t ask me or anything, do i look like a nihonjin??but after that they call me by name in the loudspeaker, so they were really looking for me…

so here i was again asked about the problem, the dentist who were asking me speaks english very well, maybe he ever studied abroad before…and then he told me to have an x-ray photo of my teeth before he took out my wisdom tooth to see if there’s no problem…and the radiology is on the basement floor…so i went down again…but here, the doctor and the nurse didn’t seem to speak any english, so at times i was kinda confused…after the photo was taken i was asked to wait a moment for the result, and then i was given an envelope with the x-ray photo inside…oh, this hospital wasn’t as advanced as the one in Oowaki, i thought…but maybe because it was troublesome for the dentists to handle the computer while taking care of the patients…so i went upstairs again, submit the photo, and now finally the execution time…

he showed me the photo result, confirming again about the tooth removal…he said that my wisdom tooth was close to the sinus, to it has a possibility to affect it in some way, but the chance is small, so it’s safe…after that he gave me a consent and agreement form that mentions some of the risk of the surgery…he asked me to read it carefully and sign it…then he was preparing for the surgery and i was asked to read another paper about instructions for post-tooth-removal…and the surgery began…first he asked me permission to give anaesthetic and he started taking out my tooth…i didn’t expect it would be that quick, maybe only 5 minutes until it’s done…my friend said that maybe because my tooth was already tilted so it’s an easy position to be pulled out ^^ after that the dentist explain some more thing, and asked me if i want to bring the removed tooth home, so i took it 😀

after that i went to the cashier, and i was given a receipt for the medicine that i need to pick at the pharmacy…finally i went back to the cashier to pay the bill…this time it costed me 5550 yen…

some things i learned from these experiences:
1. the technology and the network in japan hospital is already advanced, i was impressed especially with the x-ray result that was sent directly to the doctor’s PC
2. the hospital also have some mechanism to send documents automatically to any other divisions…we can see the document traffic in some part of the ceiling…it’s so convenient so people don’t need to run around to deliver the documents anymore
3. in Ikashika Hospital, they made some kind of route on the floor to show the way to certain division, so it is much easier for patient to find their way
4. patients are treated very well, they are given detailed explanation about the whole thing, even they are asked to fill the questionnaire so that it will be easier to be taken care of in case of problems
5. medical cost in Japan is very expensive, compared to Indonesia, and the number i mentioned here was already cut by the national health insurance, so i only pay 30%…so if you don’t have the insurance, it will be much more expensive…so you’d better take care of your health while you’re staying in japan…but actually, come to think of it, if we see the service we get as i mentioned above, that price is still reasonable…again compared to Indonesia where we can rarely find good public service…

to conclude, well, Indonesia still need to learn a lot about all these things to become better and better…



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