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thank you and sorry January 18, 2010

Posted by lumierre9 in values of life.
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these two phrases often be the hardest things for some people to say…either one for many (especially sorry i think, that’s why there’s a song: “sorry seems to be the hardest word” 😛 ) or even both for some…but these two phrases are powerful…they could change people…by saying them, it can make people’s hearts touched or make people happy…but in the other hand, forgetting these words could bring a disaster…

just a simple thank you can make someone feel appreciated, feel worthy…the thing we receive may not be that significant for us, but the “thank you” from our mouth could mean a lot for someone else…but i found out something in japan that makes me feel that japanese people always feel unworthy of themselves…for me, and maybe for any other indonesian people, or even for people from another country also, saying thank you is common…one example that i want to mention here is in letter or mail…usually when i write e-mail to someone else, especially to someone i respect, maybe just asking simple thing or give information about something, i write “thank you” in the end…well it’s not always “thank you” because i already receive something, but maybe just saying gratitude in advance or thanking them even just to read my mail…

this semester i took one of a japanese writing class where i need to send the homework via e-mail…at first when i sent the e-mail, i said “thank you”…then on the next session, the teacher was explaining about how to write e-mail correctly…and one of the point she corrected is the part of saying “thank you”…she said more or less like this “what is this thank you for? it’s not necessary. it’s not that you’re asking me for something”…it made me think, why should i ask you something first to say thank you…there’s nothing wrong with saying thank you…and i concluded that it may be because japanese people feel unworthy, they feel that they don’t deserve it because they feel that they didn’t do anything for someone else…

and about “sorry”, indeed it’s the hardest word to say…i agree with the song…it’s human nature to have pride…what people think is that in a fight, the one saying sorry is the loser…that’s why soooooo many people don’t want to admit their mistakes, because they’re afraid to be said as a loser…i think it’s wrong…i could say that they’re the winner, because they can overcome their pride, their fear of being a “loser”…

and again about japanese people, they also have a bad habit about saying “sorry”…they always say sorry (sumimasen) although they didn’t do any mistake…this also shows the feeling of unworthiness…just today a senpai in my lab told me something about my research that my sensei asked, well it’s just a small addition what i’ve been told before…after that i asked him “sore dake?” (“that’s all?”) because i want to know if there’s something else that i need to do, and he answered “hai, sore dake. sumimasen.” (“yes, that’s all. i’m sorry”)…i was confused…why did he say sorry??he didn’t do anything wrong…he even helped me…

well, maybe what i’m writing here is a bit confusing…maybe it’s not coherent for one paragraph with the others…i’m sorry for that…i just suddenly felt to write this and i’m kinda lazy to think hard to make a good composition for this…hehehe…

but what i want to say here is, let’s learn to say thank you properly, let’s make other people know that we respect and appreciate them…and let’s learn to say sorry, to admit our mistakes, however small it is…and the last thing is, let’s learn to realize that we’re worthy…



1. [Gm] - January 19, 2010

I completely agree with you. People should say ‘thank you’ more often, and should admit their mistakes by saying ‘sorry’. However, at the end of the day, nothing’s really matter if you didn’t say it sincerely… One sincere ‘thank you and sorry’ would be much better than hundreds of empty ‘thank you and sorry’.

I wrote about this also (http://goioizme.wordpress.com/2008/02/17/dogol-talks-about-thanks/)… I think it could answer your teacher’s question “what is this thank you for? it’s not necessary. it’s not that you’re asking me for something”


PS: Udah beberapa kali mampir ke sini, tapi baru sekarang komen hehehe. Salam kenal.

lumierre9 - January 20, 2010

yep, indeed…that’s what we need to learn also…

ps. salam kenal jg 😀

2. Akhmad ~ Hidayat - January 20, 2010

wah menarik, sangat suka tulisan tulisan yang seperti ini. Apalagi di baca di pagi hari, bisa menjadi kayu bakar melewati hari ini 🙂

Thank bung Andy dan mas Goyo
::seorang yang saat ini lebih senang jadi pembaca::

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