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5000 hits! January 18, 2010

Posted by lumierre9 in chit-chat.

last time i wrote a post about 4000 hits to this blog…it was written on November 10…and yesterday my blog officially got 5000 hits…i even captured the moment it’s exactly 5000 😀

it means that i got 1000 hits in the last two months…it’s a huge progress for me, because it took me 2 years to reach 4000, or in average 1000 in 6 months…i looked at the stats,  the monthly number of visitor reached 500 for the first time this month…well, it’s still nothing compared to any other famous blog, but for me it’s quite an achievement…even my friend’s blog that’s just made couple of months ago already got 580 hits last month…

but somehow, it motivates me to write more, so more people can read my blog, and can get something from it, get inspired, and even get their lives changed…although many times i don’t know what to write, absolutely had no idea, or even too busy to write, but i wish this year i can write more…

if there’s any comments, suggestions, critics, or anything regarding my blog, i’d like to hear it from you… 😀

and thanks for visiting my blog 😀



1. meongijo - January 18, 2010

yangpenting sering2 blogwalking n update status ^_^

blognya yudha juga naiknya cepet banget tuh, udah 4000 aja. perasaan waktu pertama kali aku liat beberapa bulan yang lalu masih ratusan.

ya ga sih yud?

2. Isa - January 18, 2010

ehm, berapa tuh yang masuk dari aggregator? wkwkwk


3. lumierre9 - January 18, 2010

hahaha…brp ya…:P

males blogwalking…
tp emg kynya perlu banyak post…soalnya tiap kali ngepost yg baru lgs naik jumlah hitnya (berkat aggregator :P)

4. fafa - January 18, 2010

congrats.. mas!!

the inspiring one is the writings about movies, especially avatar, haha,

lumierre9 - January 18, 2010

sering2 mampir yah, biar lebi cepet nambah lg…hehehe…

5. [Gm] - January 19, 2010

Ayo semangat! Makin banyak nulis, makin banyak sumber wawasan orang-orang (pengguna internet) hehehe… tapi waspada, jangan sampai menulis karena memburu hit… bisa-bisa jadi ‘komersil’ en gak tulus… kayak sinetron-sinetron yang kejar tayang hehehe…

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