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SMILE January 11, 2010

Posted by lumierre9 in movies, values of life.
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i watched another dorama last week…the title is “Smile”…it’s about a half-Filipino-Japanese named Hayakawa Vito (Matsumoto Jun) who always being discriminated for being a half…he’s trying to have a normal life by working at Machimura Foods with a dream to have an international restaurant where people from any country can eat there…troubles keep coming to his life, but people around him always support him no matter what it takes…

one thing i like from this movie is Aragaki Yui who’s playing as Mishima Hana, a girl who lost her voice due to an accident and then she fell in love with Vito…because she can’t speak, she uses a lot of expressions to tell something, and it’s soooooo cute!!hehehe…

about the story, sometimes i feel that what Vito experienced still exists in Japan until now…as what’s being told in the series, that if we hold a foreigners name, it will bring many inconvenience…as a foreigner an alien in Japan, i also have experienced some of the inconvenience, like a difficulty to find a part-time job or to find an apartment to live, or in a bank where i can’t transfer money because they differ the account type…well, it’s still not as bad as Vito, where he is always thought as a bad guy just because he’s a half, because some of the police think that foreigners are criminals…

not only in japan, but in the whole world, there are still many case of discrimination…why should we discriminate?we are living in a plural world, but to God every single human being are the same, no matter what the gender, race, skin color, etc…maybe it’s because of human’s natural character to be like that…maybe from the Seven Deadly Sins, it’s related with pride and envy…try to conclude that…

let’s learn not to discriminate people, let’s learn to see people from God’s perspective, every people deserve the same treatment…don’t see other people as “someone from other country” or “someone who’s very different from me” but, try to just see everyone the same as “human” and don’t add anything else…if we can do it, i think this world will be a better place…

the other thing about the series, as mentioned in the title itself, is smile…Vito always face everything with smile…yeah, it’s the right way to respond to problem…many times we face problems and just start to get depressed and it seems like the problems are getting worse and worse…but let’s try to face things differently…have joy always, like the Bible says “Be joyful always” (1 Thes 5:16) or “Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!” (Phil 4:4)…many times God reminds us to rejoice at all times, always…it means including in our difficult times, God still wants us to have joy…well, the problem won’t be just *poof* solved if we smile, but at least we can think more clearly on how to solve that problem and it will be felt much easier…

one more thing is about dream…the dream that Vito has, always encourages him to stay alive, and to fight for it…it will be a long session to talk about dream (maybe i’ll write about it some other time), but i just want to say, let’s have a dream…not daydream, not a dream that is just for ourselves, but a big dream that can bring impact to this world, can change this world for a better future…



1. Risiana - January 11, 2010

dream…kayak khotbah kemaren.hehe

lumierre9 - January 11, 2010

iya…hahaha…pas bgt emg hr2 ini diingetin lg ttg dream…
so do you have a dream?? 😛

Risiana - January 11, 2010

i dream every day in my sleep 😀

2. isa - January 11, 2010

oh, aragaki yui, I watch the first episode when it first airing,

3. rvdirza - January 11, 2010

awak sedang nonton itu.. =D

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