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targets of the year 2010 January 8, 2010

Posted by lumierre9 in chit-chat.

because of the long training time for my system, now i have a lot of time to write…

today i wanna write about my targets this year…it’s good to have targets because we will know what we have to do in order to achieve those targets, and not waste too much time doing useless things…

1. everything go well in the master program entrance exam
2. finish the speech synthesis project well before entering master program, n i wish i could publish a paper about it
3. get a good result for jlpt i took last month…if failed, try again this year…
4. find a good place to move to, that has good facilities, close to ookayama but cheap rent fee
5. discipline myself more…study more, use my time more effectively…
6. doing well in the master program, perfect GPA!:D
7. exercise more and gain more weight
8. save more money, maybe try to find some baito
9. going back to indonesia for holiday, and also travel to somewhere outside japan (and to a lot of places in japan also :P)
10. wanna buy psp, nds, and mbp 😀
11. join more volunteer projects (of hands on tokyo etc) and learn a lot of things from them
12. …

for the time being, those are what i can think about…maybe i’ll add more as time goes by…




1. meongijo - January 8, 2010

transfer lemak, mau? lemaknya boleh gratis kok 🙂

lumierre9 - January 8, 2010

kalo bisa transfer lemak sih pasti udah dari dulu 😛

2. rvdirza - January 8, 2010

catch ’em dude!! 😀

lumierre9 - January 8, 2010

jd inget lagunya pokemon yg versi amerika “gotta catch’em all” 😛

3. fakhria - January 10, 2010

12. playing Es Seketing more and more then become a ice hockey player, hehe..

fakhria - January 10, 2010

“an ice hokey player” ding

lumierre9 - January 11, 2010

terlintas di pikiran pun ngga pernah…hahaha…

4. kete - February 2, 2010

i am a singaporean going to tokyo in may and i happened to chance upon your blog while seaching for cheap apartment to rent in ookayama. May i know if you have managed to find one yet? Thanks!


lumierre9 - February 2, 2010

hi…no, finally i decided to move out to a bit farther place from ookayama, in todoroki to be exact…

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