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overcome your fear December 30, 2009

Posted by lumierre9 in life lessons.
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last weekend i went for skiing to Hakuba in Nagano-ken (about 6 hours trip from Tokyo)…it was my first time playing ski…i can play in-line skate and ice skating, so at first i thought ski wouldn’t be that hard…i also read some kind of tutorial in the internet about skiing…

but unexpectedly, once i tried the real thing, it’s so difficult…i tried many times and fell many times…i tried harder but i kept falling and falling…one of a friend who’s appointed to be our instructor said that it’s not hard for him because he used to play in-line skate before…but for me, although i can play in-line skate, i think ski is totally different…

and then, after a lot of fallings, i realized the main reason why i couldn’t do it…it’s because of my fear…everytime i started gaining speed, i panicked, lost control, and fell…i was afraid that i couldn’t control it if i go too fast…

the next day, at first i was so reluctant to play again, because my whole body was already hurt by those fallings the previous day…but then i just tried to play again…somehow this time i could be much more calm…and i kept trying to overcome my fear until finally i didn’t fall much anymore…well, mostly i tried to control my pace for not going too fast, but at times i also tried to increase my speed…i still fell for several times, but not because of panicking anymore, but because my wrong position when turning direction…

many times in our life, we have a lot of fears that make us stuck, can’t go forward, keep falling and falling…sometimes they are just in our mind, actually nothing to worry about…we need to overcome those fears, we need to stay calm…problems will always come, but we need to learn to control them…at first it may be felt too difficult, but slowly you’ll get used to it  and have nothing to be afraid anymore…and ask your instructor (God) to teach you the correct way to face those problem, to stand quickly after falling, and to control your movement…in the end, everything will be alright, you can move forward, face every problems, and enjoy the pace…



1. Risiana - December 31, 2009

I felt the same thing. I fell down a lot because of my fear too. 🙂

lumierre9 - December 31, 2009

hehehe…yuk main lagi…

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