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tokyo christmas illumination December 21, 2009

Posted by lumierre9 in chit-chat.
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as i mentioned in my previous post, christmas in japan is identical with illumination…it’s so different with indonesia, where christmas atmosphere is rarely felt anywhere, except in shopping malls, and church of course…well, christian is also a minority in japan, but japanese people kinda celebrate christmas just for fun, for the party, and for commercial purpose also ^^

having christmas in japan is not as passionate as when i was back in indonesia, where i have this awesome church and community so i can really feel the true essence of christmas…but anyway, i like this illumination thing…especially for being a good photography object…

there are a lot of famous places for illumination in tokyo, and so far i have visited three of them, odaiba, omotesando, and roppongi…

here are some of the photos i took (click the picture to see larger size):

Venus Fort Illumination, looks like meteor shower

Rainbow Bridge showing its rainbow color (usually it’s just plain) with a huge christmas tree on the seaside park

Big christmas tree in Mediage, Odaiba

Bells and lights along the Omotesando Street

Illumination along Omotesando Street

Illumination Tree in Tokyo Midtown, Roppongi

Small Christmas Tree in Tokyo Midtown

Illumination Park in Tokyo Midtown

Another illumination in Tokyo Midtown

View of the street in Roppongi Hills with Tokyo Tower in the background



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