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cross filter for illumination photography December 21, 2009

Posted by lumierre9 in chit-chat.
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christmas in japan is identical with illumination, where ornament lights are decorating almost every part of the city (i will tell more about it in my next post)…i think they make a very good photo object, so i really want to take a lot of pictures of them…i went on my first illumination photo hunting around odaiba, near my dorm…i took quite a lot of good pictures, but i didn’t feel satisfied enough…it’s like the lights aren’t felt alive in the photos…it’s not like what i imagined that the lights will shine even in a 2D picture…

so i tried googling, ask some experts about how to make the lights shine in my photo…so i got one easy method for that…use a star filter a.k.a cross filter…i tried to search for it, and i found some kinds of cross filter here in japan: cross, snow cross, and sunny cross…the expert who gave me some tips mentioned that there are 4-star or 8-star filter, and i found out the differences, cross is 4-star, snow cross is 6-star, and sunny cross is 8-star…n-star here means how many lines it will create for the shining effect…

finally i decided to buy the cross (4-star) one, a PRO1 digital series from kenko, costs about 2200yen in murauchi.com
and these are pictures i took with and without filter…you can see the difference…

i’ve hunted some more illumination photos with it, and it works great…now my illumination photos become more alive and beautiful…i will show some in my next post…



1. meriororen - December 29, 2009

ane punya ni bos! =D lupa.. uda bulukan kali disimpen di toolbox, baru inget setelah liat post ini.. =D

lumierre9 - December 29, 2009

hahaha…tp illuminationnya jg dah tinggal dikit 😛

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