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some new experience of cinema in japan December 15, 2009

Posted by lumierre9 in chit-chat.
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a new one piece movie came out in the cinema last saturday…i heard the news for quite a long time and i like one piece but i didn’t really intend to watch it in the cinema for some reasons, especially the language barrier, my japanese is not good enough to watch movies without subtitles…but then i heard another news that the audience will get a present, the 0th volume of the comic book…i got interested in that…so i tried to find some information about it…then there are some other presents for buying the advance ticket voucher…at first i didn’t really care about that, because i intended to watch it in the cinema near my dorm but it doesn’t provide the voucher…but then some things happened and i can’t watch it there on the first day of the movie…so well, to make it worthy, i’ll just find the voucher to get more present…

after i searched for information about that, i decided to watch it in wald9 cinema in shinjuku…i couldn’t get much information about it, i also asked my friend but he didn’t know either…so i just tried to go there by myself on D-3 (wednesday)…i went to the ticket counter and i was told to buy the voucher in the cinema shop…there was a short queue there, and it seemed they were in the same business as me…then came my turn and i told the clerk i want to buy the one piece voucher, then she asked me something but i didn’t put much attention to it, i thought she asked about which present that i want, but then she asked again and showing the ticket and saying like “can’t be used for others”…i still didn’t get it, but i just said ok for that (i realized it afterwards that she was asking about the type of ticket, for adult or children ^^), and then she asked about the present…there were 3 kinds of present, poster, can badge, and markers…i chose the can badge…i was told that i need to exchange that voucher for the real ticket in the ticket counter…i thought i can only do it on the D-Day, so i planned to just came very early on the day…

the next day, i tried to see the schedule for the movie in the cinema webpage, but it’s not out yet…but then i saw there’s a one piece news…i opened it, and saw that the ticket can be bought two days before the show…so if i wanted to watch it on sunday, i had to buy it that day…so i went to shinjuku again at night after the lab seminar finished and after i went to kanda to buy something…i arrived at wald9 at around 8.30 i think, and i was too late…the ticket for the whole saturday had been sold out…so i went there for nothing…

i wasn’t very sure about the present, is it going to be given only on the first day or not…but i decided to watch it on sunday anyway because i already bought the ticket voucher or it will be a waste, so i tried to go there again on friday afternoon…when i got there, most of the tickets are sold already
, but i can only watch it at night on sunday, and fortunately there are still quite a lot of seats for the night show…

the D-Day, on my way to the cinema, i saw two boys in the train reading the same one piece comic book, and it’s the 0th volume, so i thought that it should still be given, not only on the first day…and there i went, got the presents, the comic book and a card for an arcade game…here is the picture:

so i got some lessons from this experience:
1. you can get some presents from watching movie in cinema in japan, especially japanese movies…either it’s from buying advanced ticket voucher (前売券), first day of the show (i got a certificate for being one of the first in the world who watched transformers revenge of the fallen), or even just for watching it (it’s limited though)…
2. you need to check the news in the official movie website or the cinema website often for the details because it may be different for each movie or each cinema…
3. for popular movies (japanese ones especially), you have to be prepared to get the ticket as early as possible for getting the tickets of the first days…



1. Risiana - December 16, 2009

kalo nonton di jepang harga tiketnya berapa y?ada nonton hemat gitu ga kyk di indo?
advanced ticket voucher itu maksudnya tiket yg dibeli sebelum hari berlakunya tiket itu y?

2. lumierre9 - December 17, 2009

semuanya sama sih, standarnya 1800yen…nomatnya cuma tiap tanggal 1 aja tiap bulan jadi 1000…
trs ada diskon2 laen yg tiap bioskop bs beda…ky kalo di bioskop TOHO tiap tgl 14 itu jg 1000, ato kalo ladies day (yg ada men’s daynya jarang, curang :P), ato kalo ntn yg midnight…detailnya bisa diliat di website bioskop masing2…
iya, advanced ticket voucher itu udah bisa dibeli dari jauh2 hari sebelum filmnya keluar, harganya jg cm 1300…tapi ntar pas filmnya keluar musti dituker lagi sama tiket buat masuknya…keuntungannya ya selain lebih murah (kalo ngga nomat), sk dapet hadiah jg…
btw, gw rencana mau ntn film avatar yg imax 3d nih (lebi mahal sih, 2200)…mau ikut??filmnya tgl 23 sih br kluar…

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