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お姉チャンバラ – just do your best with what you have December 5, 2009

Posted by lumierre9 in movies, values of life.
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i found this japanese movie accidentally and i tried to watch it…found some informations that it’s based on a video game…the story is about a time in the future when a scientist tried to resurrect dead people, but become zombies instead…these zombies started to attack people and they become zombies also (sound cliché, eh?^^)…and there’s a girl in bikini -i don’t understand why she only wears bikini in a cold weather ^^- named Aya (Eri Otoguro) accompanied by a fat guy named Katsuji (he can’t really do anything actually) slaying the zombies with her sword skill…then they met with another gun-user-zombie-slayer girl named Reiko…all with different purpose -Aya looking for her sister, Saki,  who killed their father, Katsuji just trying to do something for her sister, and Reiko wanting to kill the scientist who made her lost her daughter- they joined together to find the mad scientist with Saki…

the story is kinda boring, easy to guess, and weird (it’s like the zombies are chasing them on purpose, wherever they go, a lot of zombies just follow them ^^)…i don’t like the make-up for the zombies, kinda poorly done…but i like the fighting scene, just like watching someone playing a video game like Devil May Cry or something, with some special effects like blood splatting on the screen…and watching a cute girl in bikini slaying zombies, as a man i admit it’s entertaining ^^ but overall, it’s just a mediocre movie…

again what i get from this movie is about self-esteem…in the story, the first reason Saki became bad is because she felt not worthy enough…she lost to her sister in a sparring, and her mother told her that Aya is the one who will be the decessor of their clan…she felt weak, and that’s when the mad scientist persuade her to kill her own father in order to become strong…it’s kinda similar with a lot of people in this real world, they compare themselves to someone else that and start to feel unworthy that bring the devil to start deceiving them…maybe just simple things like smoking to make them seem cool (it’s not cool at all), or wearing branded clothes while they don’t have so much money (and they suffer bcos of that)…

again, as i’ve written in other posts, don’t ever think that you’re unworthy…don’t compare yourself with others…you are special just the way you are…although people around you may be better than you in some point, you must have something (that maybe just not realized yet) that is better than them…just do your best with what you have, live your life to the fullest…



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