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Surrogates – just be yourself November 12, 2009

Posted by lumierre9 in movies, values of life.
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this is a movie starred by Bruce Willis, one of my favorite actor, about an era in the future when everyone use surrogate robots to take their place in whatever they do…they can choose any kind of surrogates and control them from their rooms, so they don’t need to go outside to do their jobs, and they don’t need to be afraid of any diseases or accidents that may occur out there…until one day a murder case is found where the operators (the actual person of a surrogate) also died as their surrogates were killed with a special weapon…as a FBI agent, Tom Greer (Willis), try to solve the case…

i think this movie is not that good…i agree with someone’s comment in imdb about this movie and about Mr.Willis: “As an actor, he has 70+ projects contained within his historical biography and the guy keeps making bad films mediocre and mediocre films watchable.”…yeah, maybe this movie is still ok because of him…

in my opinion, a surrogate is amazing, being seen from its technology, i don’t know when will something like that be actually realized, maybe still 50 years from now…but from the social aspects, it brings a very bad effects indeed…nowadays, with internet technology, people’s social life is quite bad already, where a lot of people prefers to just stay at home, do everything from home, because internet makes lots of things easier…in some ways its good, not so many time wasted for commutation to other places, but it makes people have a bad character i think…i’ve heard somewhere that physical contacts with others have good effects for the growth of someone, especially mentally…i don’t know whether it’s true or not, but i think it has a point…imagine if you have a surrogate, and you control it from your room with only signals from your brain, so you never use your real body at all, not speaking, not walking…that real body will just be like a “thing” that can only think, not a human body anymore…that’s why i was a little bit wondering watching this movie, when in the end everyone don’t use surrogate anymore, and they just seem normal, can walk normally, talk normally…

in this movie, there’s a scene where Greer asked his wife to go on a trip somewhere, with their actual body, but she refused because she feels safer with her surrogate body, she thinks that she’s beautiful in that body…as i already mentioned in a previous post, we think that we’re not good enough, so we’re trying to be someone else…that’s what i think those people are thinking, that’s one of the reason why they always use their surrogates…even the motto of the surrogate company says “do what you want, be what you want”…every people are not satisfied with themselves, so they choose very handsome or beautiful surrogates to take place of themselves, they’re wearing their mask so other people can accept them…we have to take off that mask…we need to be thankful for what we are, because we are perfect just as we were created…



1. meongijo - November 12, 2009

i think the story is interesting… which part of the film is not good? hehe..

lumierre9 - November 12, 2009

yeah, it’s quite interesting, i don’t say it’s bad, but i didn’t feel so much excitement watching it…maybe because not too much action like other mr.willis’ movies ^^

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