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you are precious November 4, 2009

Posted by lumierre9 in share the truth, values of life.

anyone of you know that you are special??you are unique, no one else like you in the whole world…even for twins, thay may look similar outside, but they can’t be totally the same, especially inside of them…yes, God is awesome, He created everyone of us, every people in this world, since the beginning of the earth until now, different…and God has a special reasons for that, just like a product designer who has a lot of reasons why he creates a product as it is…

just like Nokia, for example, in one time of product launching, they may launch several types at once, some maybe have similar looks, but all different, each of them has a special purpose to be made like that…maybe for some people the low-end one is good enough (i remember one of my friend who still loved his old Nokia 8250 even there were a lot of much better ones), but for other people, the high-end is better…but in the other hand, some people may think bad of the others…so it’s just a different perspective on what is good and what is not…but i’m sure in a creator’s perspective, what he created is good…

the same goes with us human…God created us good, perfect…some people may have big bodies, but some are small…some have round face, some with long face…some have white skin, some have darker skin…so many differences, but all of us are good in God’s perspective…

but there comes the devil that tries to make some standards of good and bad for us…he makes us have a thinking to be in those standards, if we don’t have the “good” standards, then we are bad…then we started to think bad of ourselves, we have no more confidence in ourselves, and we tried so hard to become someone “better” even it may hurt ourselves…

i have a friend here, a girl, who is quite good looking i think, and i think a lot of people likes her…but she always says that she’s fat and ugly, because of her past when people around her built those thinkings to her…she always tries to have a diet although her body is ideal enough, and she thinks that no good man will like her because she says she’s ugly…sometimes we are just trapped into similar kind of thinking like this…

don’t let our selves being deceived by the devil all the time, and the only way to get out from it is just see ourselves from God’s perspective…don’t listen to what people says about us, especially when it’s a bad thing, but listen only to what God says…and stop also making standards to people, saying bad things about them…believe me, every one of us, including YOU, are precious in His eyes…



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2. chemieingenieur - December 6, 2009

Wah, posting ini keren banget mas Andy..
Pagi-pagi baca, ky dapet spirit baru gitu.
I love the part, “but there comes the devil that tries to make some standards of good and bad for us…he makes us have a thinking to be in those standards, if we don’t have the “good” standards, then we are bad…”

*Never announce a cease-fire to devils!!*


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