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“You of little faith, why are you so afraid?” May 23, 2009

Posted by lumierre9 in share the truth.

lately, the new-type influenza (新型インフルエンザ as they call it in japan, or swine-flu) has been a big issue here.  since the first time they found an infected person, they started to put a huge attention there. the government (or the health center) gave announcements for us to wash our hands and gargle regularly, and wear masks if we’re going to public places. well, the first ones don’t matter for me. i’m already used to it, but for wearing mask, it’s still kinda weird for me. and after they discovered that it has spread, like in kobe and osaka, they got more and more cautious. most schools and companies around that area is closed for a while to prevent it spreading to more people…

and a few days ago, the infection was found near tokyo, and people here were starting to get cautious also. although they haven’t closed public places (tokyo still seems to be very busy every day), but masks are sold out in every store.  i see most people wearing mask everywhere, even my friend showed me a picture in a newspaper about welcoming girls in airport wearing masks (seems funny. imagine it by yourself ^^)

at first i don’t really care about it. but everyone keeps fussing about it. somehow i was also starting to get a little bit worried. but God keeps reminding me to keep my faith, that He’ll keep me safe. then three days ago He told me about Matthew 8. i read it but just found the clear meaning of it when i rethought about that this morning.

this chapter tells about Jesus making a lot of miracles. He healed the sick, cast out the devils, and calm the storm. it shows us how great He is. He is in control of everything in the world. He can do anything. but in this chapter, everyone asked Jesus first and then He did what they wanted Him to do. it shows about their faith. they knew Jesus can do it, that’s why they asked for it..

we can see the comparison how Jesus responded to our request depending on our faith. in a part of this chapter, a centurion came to Him and asked Him to heal his servant but he knew that Jesus can do it right away, no need to come to his house (verse 5-13), and Jesus said that he has a great faith. in the other hand, written in another part, while He and His disciple were in a boat and a storm came, they asked Him for help but they also said that they will perish (verse 23-27) and Jesus said like this, “You of little faith, why are you so afraid?”…okay, we face a problem and we seek God for help, that’s good (instead of looking help from men), but that’s not enough. God wants us to come to Him full of faith, full of consciousness that He is able to do everything, without any doubt at all…another version of the storm story, the one in the book of Luke, even has a nice words on verse 25 (Message version): “Why can’t you trust me?”

yeah, i don’t need to worry about anything, not even about that swine-flu. of course i still need to keep aware of my health, but it doesn’t mean that i have to be ‘paranoid’ of it. i am learning to have more faith, to put my trust in Him, that I will be kept safe in His hand. and so are you…as long as you trust your life to Him…



1. lya - May 24, 2009

As a mere human without any power to combat the disease, i totally surrender my body to God…He alone can protect me against this disease. Even if I become ill, He is still a good God ^^

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