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so where does it come from?? May 18, 2009

Posted by lumierre9 in chit-chat.

last saturday i went to yoyogi koen to see a thai festival because my classmate (a thai) worked part-time there…seeing a lot of durians there made me want to eat them, but unfortunately it’s too expensive, compared to the price in indonesia…i also saw a booth selling rambutan…and then some things came to my thought…

the word ‘durian’ and ‘rambutan’ come from indonesian vocabulary (or is it malay?)…’duri’ means ‘spike’, and ‘rambut’ means ‘hair’, so they mean ‘spiky’ and ‘hairy’, just as their physical appearance…

so where do they actually come from??in know that thai’s durian is famous, also in indonesia, i like the monthong durian, it’s expensive though (still not as expensive as it is here ^^), and i also heard that in other countries there are also durian and rambutan (my friend from srilanka told me so)…

there was also a sepak takraw exhibition and booth in the festival, and i also wondered…’takraw’ is thai language i think, but ‘sepak’ means ‘kick’ in indonesian…so i just wondered, if takraw is from thailand, then why it’s more well-known as ‘sepak takraw’, a mixture of words of indonesian and thai…

so what do you think??



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