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His grace is more than enough for me April 27, 2009

Posted by lumierre9 in chit-chat.

here I am now, in a big famous city named Tokyo, where everything is so high-tech, everything moves so fast, feels like there’s no time to be relaxing…

a long story until I can get here, and it’s all just by His grace…and I can still feel His grace is upon me right now ever since I stepped my feet on this whole new world…

it’s been almost a month, I have seen and learned a lot of new things here, met new people, faced new problems, and yet felt His new grace every day…

I’m still adapting until now, trying to find a place, a community, where I can ‘grow’ here…sometimes I feel lonely, missing my lovely family and friends in Bandung, wanna share a lot of things with them but unfortunately they seem to be busy these days or maybe for some other reasons they can’t…but somehow I don’t lose my joy at all, I can still enjoy it…

actually I don’t know what to write here…feels like I wanna share a lot of things but the words just don’t come out…but the point is I just wanna thank Him for His grace…

“…My grace is enough; it’s all you need…” (2 Cor 12:9 – MSG)



1. felix - May 19, 2009

actually you can share it with me.. just buy me a round trip ticket. 😛 😛 😛

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