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10 things I hate about Japan April 27, 2009

Posted by lumierre9 in chit-chat.

1. most Japanese people can’t speak English!! and everything here is in Japanese…so it’s hard to do things if you don’t understand Japanese…

2. although some people may be able to speak English, their pronunciation is very bad, so it’s still ununderstandable…

3. a lot of people do suicide by letting themselves hit by train, and that makes the train late (well, I’ve never been affected so much, but my friends have ^^)

4. Japanese people are too shy that makes them kinda introvert, and when they want to ask for something they don’t look us in the eyes (me and my friends experienced it today…that’s impolite for Indonesian, right?)

5. the food is fine, but not as tasteful as Indonesian food…

6. I can’t download torrent from my dorm or campus!! (and my cousin said that his friend had an intel come to his house because he downloaded lots of movies and games ^^)

7. the cinema is expensive, and new movies show late here, and most of them are in japanese >___<

8.  well, actually everything is expensive here…foods are expensive…a bowl of ramen, costs about 400 yen (a cheap one)…you can get more than 5 bowls of noodles in Indonesia…books are also expensive…the Japanese language book that I was using, which only cost less than Rp.40000 (about 400 yen), is also published and sold here with a price of 2000 yen (5 times higher!!)

9. everyone here is so workaholic…they can work until late night…even my friend in my class said that the soonest her husband come home is at 11 pm…in the lab also the students usually go home after 7 or 8 pm…seems like they can’t enjoy their life…

10. being able to understand the language is not enough…you also have to learn kanji (which I don’t like most, because I’m not good at memorizing) to read lots of things around…



1. atri - April 27, 2009

1, 2 ->idem!
7->disini ga didubbing dooong 😀 plg subs nya doang yg hangul XP
8,9->idem lagi!!!!!their motto is.. you came here to WORK HARD!

lumierre9 - April 27, 2009

6-blom didatengin intel??:P
7-di sini ada juga sih yg ga didubbing…di situ brp tiket bioskop??
8-di situ bukannya masi lebi murah ya harganya??

2. icus - April 28, 2009

3 > psycho!
6 > hahahahahaha…. ka markus pasti menderita kl harus tinggal di jepang =P
9 > Thank God, i never had a dream of getting married to a japanese. hahahhahahah!

lumierre9 - April 28, 2009

6-ya kalo pasang koneksi internet sendiri sih bisa aja…justru ka markus bahagia di sini, bs gampang dapet barang2 kamen rider…hahaha…
9-well, her husband is an indonesian, but has lived here for 10 years…already being a japanese i guess…hahahaha…

3. Akhmad Hidayat(o) - November 4, 2009

4 – toooo shy, and able to keep their feeling deeepppllyyyy if they don’t like something. It very annoying to take care of your behave
5 – and it kind of too difficult for me jut as in Indonesia

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