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road to Ujung Genteng February 1, 2009

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last week, i had a trip to Ujung Genteng beach…i’ve been wanting to go there since a long time ago, and when my friends told me that they wanted to go there on friday last week, i wanted to come along, but unfortunately i had an event to attend the following saturday so i couldn’t…but on thursday, i got a news that the event was canceled, and that meant i was free to go…and there i went…felt like it’s a God’s gift for me…thanks God…
i just knew that we’re going backpacking…never done it before…felt kinda nervous but also excited…
8 of us departed from bandung (leuwipanjang terminal) taking a bus to sukabumi, moved to lembur situ terminal in sukabumi, and took an elf (not elf as in fantasy tales ^^) to a small town named surade…we arrived there at about 2.30 in the morning after 3 hours of crazy ride from lembur situ…we took a rest at a mosque there because we have to wait till the morning to continue our journey…
we took a move at about 6.30 to Curug Cikaso…we thought that it’s in the same direction as Ujung Genteng, but it isn’t…but it didn’t matter…
it took about half an hour to Cikaso village…there’s two ways to reach the waterfall, crossing the river by boat or walking through the ricefield…we chose the second way…and our efforts were paid off seeing the waterfall…so AWESOME!!

the awesome waterfall

top of the waterfall

after we had so much fun there, we continued our trip to Ujung Genteng beach and after we got an inn, we had lunch and all of us took some rest…not much to do for the rest of the day, we just walked down the beach, took some pictures, finding a dead little turtle, etc…
the next day, we played on the beach in the morning and found many sea creatures (including snakes)…at noon we visited the fish market and bought some fish for lunch…roasted fish!!yummy!!

Roasted Fish

in the afternoon, we walked to Pangumbahan beach, where a turtle conservatory placed…it took about 1,5 hours…there we built a tent and waited until night when the turtles come to the beach to lay eggs…finally we can see the turtle at about 9pm…


at 4 in the morning we got back to Ujung Genteng, packed our belongings, and end our journey back to bandung…
it was fun, my first time backpacking and camping…although it was very tiring but it’s a great experience for me…and i’m still amazed with the waterfall (curug cikaso) ^^
btw, total money spent: about Rp.250k for 3 days and 2 nights (cheap eh??)

The Beach

Coconut Tree

Sunset @Ujung Genteng

Sunset @Pangumbahan



1. Adrian Ben - February 3, 2009

foto2nya bagus 🙂

2. Evelyn - March 14, 2009

iya tuh senpai ben..
fotonya bagus2 ^^
tempatnya kayanya enak

3. lia - March 16, 2010

Dari kota sukabumi masih jauh ngak,kira2brapa jam ya dan hotelnya ada yg murah ngak.untuk ke area air terjun mobil taruna bisa ngak.aku suka banget tempatnya .

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