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faith June 20, 2008

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yesterday I was taught by God about faith, a simple faith, that could make me do many things…

when I was having my spiritual gifts tests, I found out that faith is in the top of my “Holy Spirit Manifestation Gifts”…my mentor told me that it’s basic for a Christian to have it…it came to my mind, if so, then why should it be in the gift’s list??but I didn’t really bother it then…

God gave me an answer for it yesterday…when I was in angkot on my way home, there was some junior high school girls having some chats…they were talking about they final exam and about going to high school…I heard that they are really worried about those things, whether they’re gonna get good scores, or what high school they’ll get accepted, and so on…it was when I was also having a chat with a friend who’s also applying for Japanese scholarship, and she’s also worried about it…seeing me who isn’t worried, she said “how come you could be so calm??what if you don’t get accepted”…I just said calmly “why should I??I just believe that I will get it”…

when I was thinking about that, I remember many people I know or even I don’t know who seem to worried so much about things, while me, I rarely have those worries…when I was entering high school, I didn’t worry at all…when I was going to get to university, I was applying for scholarship and I didn’t get it, my mom got worried while I was still calm…having only one choice of university (the hardest one), my friend wondered how come I got so confident…

God reminded me, that this is the “faith” gift He has given to me…yeah, I have more faith than other people…I can still be calm in things that worry others…maybe it seems to be just something simple for me, but I just realized that it might become something big…

I bought a book authored by Jentezen Franklin titled “Right People, Right Place, Right Plan – Be Sensitive to God’s Voice”…I’ve been wanting to learn more about hearing God’s voice, it’s one of my wish, to be able to clearly hear His voice…so when I saw it in the bookstore, I decided to buy it…well, actually it’s not really as I expected, but it’s still a good book though…in a part of that book, it’s said that in hearing God’s voice, some people is in logicalization extreme where they don’t want to move until God reveals all the ways…they say “speak to me, and I will move” but God says “you move, and I will speak to you”…as the Bible says in 2 Corinthians 5:7 “For we walk by faith, not by sight”…it says about faith…

then I saw a movie “Mr.Magorium’s Wonder Emporium”…it’s about a magical toy store that works only to those who believe in it…and again from this movie I was reminded about faith…how we can do things by believing…there’s also a part that says “you have to BELIEVE IT to SEE IT”…yups, it’s the same as what’s told in the book and in the Bible…we don’t have to see before believing something, but the “believe” itself comes first before we can see things, great things, happen in our life…

last week I was having something that quite bothered me, and it quite made me worried…but then God reminded me again to keep trusting Him, as Proverbs 3:5-6 says “Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.”…well, it took me some times, but finally I managed to do it…sometimes the worry came again, but God reminded me again and again…and yesterday was really really encouraging me to keep standing firm against anything that comes to me…yeah, I have this faith, I don’t have to worry anymore…my future is in His hands, and I will just believe in it…



1. cornishevangelist - June 20, 2008


The Bible says that angels are to minister, yes, they are servants. God has specifically sent them to minister to us, to serve us. If your earthly Father sent a servant to your house to serve you, yes, to minister to your needs, wouldn’t you tell them, or shouldn’t I say, command them to cut the grass, or clean the house etc. They would be looking to you waiting for their next instruction, for that is what they are employed to do.
You would say to them, “Go, do this” or “Go do that”. You see, you wouldn’t ask them, you would tell them. You wouldn’t phone up your Father, and ask him to tell them, because your Father has put them in your charge, to do your work. This is the same principle that God wants you to use when you command angels.
If you have a need or a want of any sort, we are to go to the source our heavenly Father, for He has a store house full of blessings. Then we are to send out the angels to retrieve the blessings that our Father has in store for us.
We must make all our petitions to our heavenly Father in and through the name of Jesus, for we know that all the promises of God are yes, and amen in Christ Jesus. This is how we know by faith that God’s answer is yes, when we make our petitions to Him.
Now I reiterate that we are to command His angels to go and retrieve the answers to our prayers, and when these angels bring what we have requested to us, from our Father, then we are to thank our heavenly Father in Jesus name for His goodness to us.
To reiterate once again, we do not ask the angels for anything, we command them. We do not thank them, we thank our Father. I hope this teaching which the Lord has given to me, to be published amongst His people will be a great blessing and an encouragement to you all. It certainly will if you put it into practice.


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