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summer movies May 10, 2008

Posted by lumierre9 in chit-chat, movies.

this summer gonna have a lot of anticipated movies…
I just watched the first one this afternoon, Iron Man…it was totally cool!!!makes me wanna watch it again, but i’d rather save my money for other next movies…hahaha…
Speed Racer has also come out since yesterday…at first I thought it’s gonna be cool, ‘cos it’s from old cartoon show and directed by Wachowsky brothers who created the Matrix…but after seeing the trailer I kinda doubted it…I feel that it has just too many CGs (computer graphics) and too many colours that might make it seems too unrealistic…but let’s just see how it’s gonna be…

and the next schedules are (some are still in USA release date, not sure about Indonesia):
May 15th The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
I want to watch this…another series of Narnia…epic and fantasy movie, the genre I like, and it’s Narnia…certainly gonna watch this…
May 22rd Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
the sequel of the legendary Indiana Jones…many people like the old series of Indiana Jones so maybe this one gonna be good also…kinda interested in watching it…
whew…four weeks in a row…actually the next week there’s Sex and the City the movie, but I’m not interested in it…
June 6th Kungfu Panda
an animation from Dreamworks (creator of Shrek) and it seems funny…gonna watch it, but maybe not in cinema…hehehe…
June 13th The Incredible Hulk
another movie version of Hulk…I saw the trailer, and this seems cooler than the previous one…
June 27th WALL-E
a Pixar animation!!I have no doubt of Pixar animations, they’re all cool!!I saw the trailer also, looks great!!
July 18th The Dark Knight
the sequel of Batman Begins…maybe this will be the last queue of this summer movies, and I expect this to be great, so this summer will be opened by a great movie and will be ended with another great movie…hahaha…I’m really looking forward to this…



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