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my special fried potatoes April 23, 2008

Posted by lumierre9 in chit-chat.
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this is one of my favorite self-made-food, my special fried potatoes…seems delicious??of course it is…it’s the best to accompany me watching movies at home…heehee…actually it’s just an old recipe from my family…at times, especially when i’m in ‘lazy mode’ i ask a maid in my home to make one for me…but still i like my own made THE BEST…it’s just it takes quite long time (about an hour for me) to make it which makes me kinda lazy to make one, except when i have a lot of spare time…

for you who wanna try it, i give you the recipe here…maybe it’s not really detailed, because i don’t know for sure the amount of each ingredients, and i may not really good at explaining this…maybe you can do some experiments for it…hehehe…

MSG (optional)

how to make:
peel the potatoes and cut into small and thin pieces (maximum at about 0.5 cm wide), wash them. grate the garlic, and add to the potatoes. add some salt as you like. and if you’re okay with MSG, you can add some. mix them. finally, deep fry them until they become dark-yellowish. and it’s done!!

enjoy your special fried potatoes!! 😀



1. nana - May 2, 2008

wehh bikin sendiri yo? huehehee..
minta di bikinnin boleh ga? trus gue icip2?! huehehe

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