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Bridge to Terabithia – don’t waste your time April 8, 2008

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Bridge to Terabithia

Jess Aarons, a very shy boy, becomes good friends with Leslie Burke, a new very-imaginative girl in his school. Together they create their own fantasy world called Terabithia in the forest nearby their homes while they struggle against bullying in their school. One day, while Jess was going with her teacher to a museum, Leslie got an accident while swinging by the rope that leads to Terabithia and brought to her death. Jess keeps Leslie ‘alive’ by reliving Terabithia with her little sister, May Belle.

This movie tells us a lot about friendship. We can be friends with anyone if we want to open our life to them, accept them as they are. It also teach us to see our life from a new point of view. How we can enjoy this life depends on how positive we think it is. Jess who at first couldn’t enjoy his life because of problems he faces in school and home, finally can start to enjoy his life with their Terabithia. It doesn’t mean that we have to create our own world and become a freak, but we think of everything around us, even problems, as something fun. I think it can help us to enjoy life more.

One thing that really gets into me is when Jess cried for Leslie’s death and he’s afraid if she’s going to hell because she didn’t believe in the Bible. I don’t wanna talk about where she’s going after her death. Well, I believe that we can only be saved if we accept Jesus Christ as our God and Saviour, so I think she’s not saved yet. But one thing I was reminded is about don’t waste your time. We live with many people around us and we don’t know when any of us will die. So don’t be like Jess who regrets after his best friend died. Let’s use our time wisely (as the Bible says), let us be a blessing for people around us, spread the good news that Jesus died for them so that they are also saved.



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