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some ITB lecturer’s blogs… April 3, 2008

Posted by lumierre9 in chit-chat.

I was trying to write a research proposal for my scholarship application when I remember my lecturer in ITB who taught about Human Computer Interaction, especially about Text-to-Speech and Speech Recognition. He is Mr.Arry Akhmad Arman, the inventor of IndoTTS, the first Indonesian Text-to-Speech. I am interested to do research in those field, so I looked for his website again for reference and tried to contact him for some suggestions. That’s when I found his blog and also some other ITB lecturers’ blog.
I like Mr.Arry’s travel blog. Lots of pictures of places in the world. Makes me envious *drool* Seems like he is a comic lover just as I am. Seeing his pictures made me want to go to Belgium to see the Tintin museum and Lucky Luke statue, and also Parc Asterix. I want to try the roller coaster, seems really fun (but scary!!hahaha).
I also read Mr.AZRL’s blog. It’s kinda interesting. There are some inspiring writing there. There is one titled ‘Sempurna’ that reminds me again to see ourselves in God’s point of view. We are created perfect for His perfect purpose in our life.
One thing made me surprised. Mr.AZRL’s blog was just created 3 (THREE) days ago and he already posts more than mine! Hahahaha…well, sometimes i’m just too lazy to write…hehehe…but it kinda motivates me to write here more often, so I may inspire much more people…:D



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